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  Opal - National Gemstone of Australia

Premium Quality at Great Value Prices

Many millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth the processes of creation forged a unique gem which somehow appeared to entrap fire and light and thus OPAL was born.


OpalShop Quality

OpalShop Value

  • International Shoppers will love the quality of our product that can only be found in Australian mines and outlets.
  • Brilliance and Clarity are rare attributes that add value to Opal Gemstones, you can get both at OpalShop.
  • Don't settle for second best, let OpalShop satisfy your needs when purchasing that special Gem or Jewellery.
  • International Shoppers will also love the Exchange Rate with the Australian Dollar.
  • What you buy from OpalShop is priced in Australian Dollars and is great value once converted back to your currency.
  • Our prices compare favorably with International re-sellers and we have the Quality you want.
  • Shipping costs are small and are notified by email before sending.

Opal Myth or Legend?

About Us

  • Opal is believed to bring love, luck, peace and good health to both the one who gives it and the one who receives it.

RD Opal Centre in Coffs Harbour, NSW.
   Opal Miners and Wholesalers.

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